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2 October 2015
Object delivered to the customer in due time.
On October 2nd, 2015 the Saint Vincent's (Australia) integrated irrigation project team received the final Certificate of acceptance from the customer of the project – BHP Billiton Limited.

24 September 2015
New project in Puerto Rico.
In the beginning of September, Rock Solid Projects Group, began construction of a new greenhouse project in Puerto Rico. Not far from the capital San Juan for agro corporation "Gontak", which mainly makes production in film greenhouses, are building 9 hectares of greenhouses with a coating of polycarbonate. To date, the foundation works have been completed and started assembling the supporting framework.
The greenhouse is intended for production of tomatoes and cucumbers and will be equipped with a complete set of high-tech systems, including irrigation, fertigation and heating with computerized control.

15 July 2015
Rock Solid Projects Group received the most expensive order for the company’s history.
Working more than 10 years at the market of Angola, Rock Solid Projects Group received a large number of positive reviews, studied the market, requirements and expectations of consumers in the country.
Today Angola is one of the major strategic directions for Rock Solid Projects Group. The corporation received the largest order of our company’s history for a sum more than 190 million euros. Designed for delivery of technologies and equipment for the creation of the center of nonconventional and renewables from solid municipal waste (MSW).
The project includes:

  • Supply of equipment for receiving, separations and purifications of MSW, the equipment for recycling and for the production of decorative bricks, the equipment for production of gas and electricity, steam compressor and laboratory equipment, and also vehicles;
  • Calculation of a metalwork and delivery of blocks of electronic control with the software;
  • Development of the project and engineering;
  • Installation and construction works;
  • Delivery of spare parts for 5 years of work of the equipment;
  • Transportation costs.

After installation of equipment Rock Solid Projects Group will carry out training during which 12 Angola employees from each division will receive instruction in operation and maintenance.
Before final transfer of new divisions to the customer final tests will be carried out.

15 June 2015
Construction of plant for mixed Municipal Solid Waste ( MSW) in Cordoba, Argentina is finished. The plant receives non segregated waste and has a capacity to treat over 330 tons per day or 90,000 tons per year.

3 June 2015
Completed construction of plant for waste water treatment in India.
Construction of plant on the 370000 gal/day sewage treatment in the state of Tamil Nadu, India is finished. The plant is in a stage of testing and within the next two weeks will be brought to full capacity. The plant is equipped with a FOG unit that removes fats, oils and grease from the system.

2 March 2015
Rock Solid Projects Group expanded its range of services.
For many years, the corporation Rock Solid Projects Group maintains effective working relations with the world famous The City University of New York and Israel International Institute of Management and Technology Innovation . In these educational centers, we organize special training courses and traineeships, targeted at the specific needs of managers and staff of governmental and nongovernmental organizations. For this purpose, a new company RS International Management Inc, was founded. RS Internationaly Management Inc, centers on international and specialized courses in America and Israel. The courses cover a wide range of topics from business to social development and from agriculture to public health. RS International Management, Inc seeks to convey to all interested, experience and technologies that have facilitated America and Israel in the way of their development.

27 February 2015
New contracts for the management of Rock Solid Projects Group.
The agricultural delegation from Mexico, as part of 63 farmers from different regions of the country, visited Rock Solid Projects Group to learn and discuss various solutions of post-harvest processes. The visit also included a trip to the Israeli enterprises of vegetables and fruit processing.

27 August 2014
20th Anniversary celebration.
The 20th anniversary of Rock Solid Projects Group was recently celebrated at the VDMG ENGINEERING, Inc campus. In the attendance were not only the employees and partners of Rock Solid Projects Group but also members of the city administration, and clients from all over the world.
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3 July 2014
Israel Hailed as World's Top Leader of Cleantech.
According to the 2014 Global Cleantech Innovation Index, Israel has the most potential to produce and commercialize entrepreneurial cleantech start-up companies in the world.
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