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Irrigation Systems

Rock Solid Projects Group invites agricultural sector experts to cooperate in the implementation of innovative Israeli technology used in crop irrigation.

Our experts will provide your business with reliable and efficient solutions for sustainable irrigation, which will allow you to obtain the highest possible yields. Knowledge and experience of our experts will help you not only increase productivity, but also to minimize risk.

Rock Solid Projects Group is one of the leading suppliers in the world of individual irrigation solutions. Our solutions are based on the extensive knowledge and experience of a team of professionals, accumulated over many years of working together.  Our team of agronomists and development engineers, handle any level of diffiuclty of nonstandard irrigation systems. Our difference is that customers are provided the best and most cost-effective agronomic solutions designed to suit individual requirements. Our projects use the latest advancements from the leading Israeli manufacturers of irrigation systems, filtration, fertilizer and pumps.

Internet Watering Control-this is something not everyone can offer - the governance of irrigation through the Internet. This system is the basis for electric dispensers watering connected via cellular communication to the World Wide Web. This computer program is designed for farmers, as well as for those who are away from home and do not have the ability to turn on irrigation.

We supply automated equipment of the highest quality, authenticated in different climatic zones.

Drip Irrigation:
Irrigation projects using drip irrigation system developed by Rock Solid Projects Group, are characterized by high economic and high technological efficiency. The proposed technology provides a solution to a wide range of crops in different growing conditions and can be used for both surface and subsurface irrigation, and irrigation return water.

This method of irrigation is used in vegetable farming, horticulture, viticulture, with growing seedlings and saplings in the open field and in greenhouses. Innovative technology, based on the principles of effective irrigation, promote economical use of every drop of water and nutrients. The proposed system is reliable and accurate for low water flow with a high level of uniformity of irrigation and meets the highest quality requirements.

Micro sprinklers: 
Micro-irrigation sprinklers provide individuality of each culture with a high degree of accuracy, uniformity and reliability of irrigation. Used for irrigation in greenhouses, gardens and nurseries, as well as climate controls. All of the above irrigation systems are easy to transport, assembly and maintain.