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Agricultural Product Processing

Given that the processing of agricultural products is one of the most promising and attractive areas of agribusiness, Rock Solid Projects Group provides you with a wealth of experience and knowledge in establishing facilities for the processing of produced agricultural products. Rock Solid Projects Group specializes in the development of technologies, production, and installation of agricultural and food industry equipment "turnkey". These companies can produce a full production cycle from raw materials to the finished packaged product.

We offer production lines for milk processing plants for processing of fruits and vegetables, a production line for fish, meat and vegatable preserved foods, as well as production lines for first and second courses. Rock Solid Projects Group provides its customers with production - production lines of high quality and manufactured in accordance with European standards. Our offer includes a range of services, from the planning stage, manufacturing of machinery and equipment to its installation and commissioning at the customer premises. Additionally, we offer plants for the production and packaging of liquid milk, varieties of yogurt and yogurt flavores with capacity from 500 to 50000 liters/day as well as lines of desserts. We offer eleborate production lines for processing and production of products made ​​from goat, sheep, and camel milk.

Rock Solid Projects Group is ready to become your reliable partner in all phases of work, from designing a plant or production line up to entering the order into operation. Experienced specialists will design and build a plant or a production line in accordance with the individual characteristics of each customer.

Rock Solid Projects Group provides a full guarantee for its products. 
We are always glad to cooperate with you and are ready to provide you with the necessary information to answer all your questions.