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Agriculture Division

Israel - a country that is the most prominent representative of successful agriculture. Today Israel's agriculture and Israeli agricultural products occupy a strong position in the global market.

By international standards agricultural farming is considered high yielding when one person can feed 30 to 50 people. In comparison one worker in the agricultural sector in Israel can feed 95 people.

For comparison, in the United States this figure 1: 79, in Russian - 1: 14.7, while in China - 1: 3.6.

Agriculture in Israel is equipped with the most advanced technology and electronic equipment, designed and manufactured in the country. Thanks to innovative technology, Israeli farmers have learned the shortcomings of their climatic conditions to create a profit. This greatly helps to reduce production costs, increase yields, increase productivity and improve product quality.

Agricultural Division - our corporation specializes in the design and implementation of agricultural "turnkey" projects all over the world.These works are carried out on the complex development of the project and before its commissioning.

If you are interested in the development of the agricultural sector in your region and the country as a whole, we offer you our professional services and knowledge.

The services offered cover such sectors as dairy farms and cattle breeding, industrial fish farming, greenhouses and storage technology of fruits and vegetables, the technology of growing berries, mushrooms and seed.

Agricultural Division - a team of highly qualified agronomists, fish farmers and agricultural ecologists, work in cooperation with leading research institutes to produce products that comply with the latest requirements. Our agricultural projects strongly differ from other companies:

  • While working on our projects our goal is to preserve the natural appearance of nature in the planned construction; 
  • In the preparation of a feasibility study, we are guided by the standards and rules of green building LEED ( Leadership in Energy The Environmental and Design).
  • Our projects completed within budget and on time;
  •  We offer a range of services - from analyzing the problems to solving them. We do not just give advice, we help implement and guarantee the profitability of our projects;
  • We undertake the management, training, technical - economic rationale, search for partners and subsidies;
  • Our projects make the most use of alternative energy sources, which in practice proves to decrease the cost of construction up to 5%.

We are confident that the information in this section will help you in making the right business decisions.