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Poultry Farms

The Rock Solid Projects Group specializes in the design and implementation of projects of poultry farms "turnkey", able to independently and effectively control all elements of production-technological processes, starting with the preparation of animal feed, and up to shipment of finished products to consumer markets. Rock Solid Projects Group - a team of highly qualified engineers and technicians, which in cooperation with leading research institutes produces agricultural facilities that meet todays modern requirements. To maximize the yield of poultry production capacity, it is necessary to not only have innovative equipment, but also to be able to use it correctly. We offer modern automated equipment which allows you to place a large number of birds in the same building. Designers skillfully combine tiered content with advanced systems of feeding and drinking, heating and ventilation, egg collection and automatic collection of waste. This combination increases the capacity of the house, can reduce the complexity of the service and improve the breeding of birds, a well as comply with accepted European standards. 12-levels can accommodate up to 70,000 birds on an area not exceeding 1000 square meters. Between 4 - 5 level and 8 - 9 level it is possible to place intermediate floors. Poultry provided roosts nest to lay their eggs and other devices. Along the length of each layer is a set wagon, providing rapid and uniform feed distribution. To provide the birds with drinking water, to the rear wall of each cell attached troughs. Egg collection is performed by a system, which consists of longitudinal conveyor belts that draw eggs on a cross conveyor. Next comes the egg on the table, the collection of eggs on a common conveyor, feed them from the house to the warehouse. This system is very simple and provides high safety of eggs. At each level there is a set of longitudinal conveyor belts for collecting waste from the birds. The pressure reducer moves the waste on the cross conveyor through the system into the lifts that carry the waste out of the building and directly loads it into trucks. The system provides waste removal by predrying warm air, which significantly reduces the amount of ammonia evaporation in a room. This helps to improve the environmental situation, raises a comfortable stable bird, reduces the percentage of die-off. Collected waste can be used for the production of fertilizers, as well as for the production of electrical energy using a special installation, supplied by us.

The uniqueness of the engineering solutions                                              Rock Solid Projects Groupis in the design and implementation of projects. Based on the collection and analysis of local data alligned with the content and methods of cultivation of a bird. To guarantee the success of the project, experts Rock Solid Projects Group carries out technological support after putting your system into operation. We offer a wide range of israeli equipment for virtually any type of production in the poultry industry.