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Pig Farms

Rock Solid Projects Group specializes in the development of projects for the construction of new or reconstruction and modernization of existing pig farms. Under modern conditions of detention and feeding pigs plays a crucial role on the path to economic success. Microclimate has a direct impact on the reproduction of sows and fattening pigs meat.  Animals at the temperature and relative humidity  above or below optimal levels worsen living conditions and reduces the productive indicators. Therefore, an optimal climate, including high-quality system of ventilation and heating is one of the most important tasks in the construction and equipment of pig farms.

All this is controled by a computerized program that ensures the perfect microclimate inside the complex.

In our projects, we also provide automated feeding process that guarantee healthy diet feeds and provides you with the ability to control its costs.

Rock Solid Projects Group offers innovative pig farms, which provide the best basis for the professional management of pig farms.

Our specialists provide technical support for the project until its commissioning, train local staff complete operation of the equipment. We provide service support to reach full capacity and any further customer requests. Our completed projects are characterized by high production efficiency and ease of use.

To ensure good results and profitability of your pig farm, we offer our customers the following equipment:

  • The system providing a microclimate, which includes:
    • Computer climate control;
    • Automated ventilation system;
    • Controlled heating system;
    • Controlled cooling system;
  • Feeding system, comprising:
    • Bins for food / feed storage systems;
    • Feed distribution system;
    • Feeders / electronic feeding system;
  • Manure removal system;
  • Equipment for keeping livestock;
  • Flooring systems;
  • Drinking systems, including medicator for dispensing veterinary preparations;
  • Control system of the environment;
  • The main program of complex control and data acquisition;
  • Auxiliary equipment and accessories;

Selection of technological equipment and its installation is carried out according to individual customer requirements.