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Fish Farms

Rock Solid Projects Group is engaged in research and production activities in the field of automated systems for growing fish.

We design systems for the intensive rearing of fish in ponds, cages, RAS (Recirculating Aquaculture System) and CAS (Circulating Aquaculure Systems). These complexes can grow and breed different kinds of sturgeon, trout, eels, crabs, shrimp and many other species of fish. 

Rock Solid Projects Group offers you innovative technology and its services for the construction of highly productive "turnkey" fish-enterprise. The knowledge and experience we have accumulated, allow you to create complex breeding fish with the highest level of efficiency and lowest cost of operation.                             
Rock Solid Projects Group
  has all the knowledge and experience necessary to comprehensively address the entire process of production, from the steps of cultivating fish to the stage of its processing. Tested technologies and materials allow to fully automate processes and to maintain optimal conditions for the life of the fish. We have extensive experience in the implementation and use of technology super-intensive fish farming that allows to grow up to 200 kg of fish per 1 cubic meter of water. Purity of water and oxygen supply are the key points in super-intensive technologies.

Multi-level cleaning, filters, oxygenators - all make the process of cultivation predictable. The success of production depends on the quality of food consumed, so when discussing the concept of created production, we offer cutting-edge technology to create an automatic center. The modern center for the production of food is an integral and important part of your project. The package of services includes detailed design, a complete set of technologies, construction and equipping of all equipment with full adaption to your climate zone, feasibility study and business plan, and staff training.

The cost of building Complex depends on the following factors:

  • The planned volume of production; 
  • Type of farmed aquatic organisms (fish);
  • Parameters of the water source;
  • Acquisition of equipment;

In our projects we provide a backup process in the event of unforeseen circumstances. We provide support after the launch complex at all stages of production, including consultations with fish farmers, veterinarians, managers, nutritionists, and hardware engineers. To serve our automatic complex requires a minimum number of people.

Rock Solid Projects Group will provide you with everything you need!