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High-Tech Dairy Farms

Specialists from Rock Solid Projects Group offer you their knowledge and experience to create modern high-tech dairy farms using Israeli technology.  Practice proves that milk production of the animal is entirely dependent on the conditions of confinement and balanced diet feeding.

Rock Solid Projects Group offers its customers the most advanced integrated management system of dairy farms in the world. Our proposed system can increase the productivity of the herd, identifying and culling animals with low yields. With this feature, you can create a farm industry specialization on the selection of the most productive animals and excretion (selection of progeny) of pedigree cattle with high milk yields. The proposed system will provide optimum diet for all groups of animals, and will optimize feed intake through genetic improvement. This system contributes to a significant increase in milk yield in the total herd and each individual animal, while allowing you to track real-time status of the individual animal and the quality of milk.

How it works - every animal is equipped with a sensor at its foot that allows to identify it in the computer system, and based on this to carry out all production and livestock activities for each individual animal. "Computer breeder" works 24 hours a day to know everything about the state of each animal in the herd. He does not make mistakes, and forgets nothing. This is one of the main components of the success of our dairy farms RSPG offers. The computer system has special control panels at each milking place and milking mode is automatically adjusted for each animal based on information from its individual sensor. With the help of these sensors operator knows not only about the coming time of milking or feeding, but even when the animal is ready for insemination. With the help of sensors you exercise control over the health of the herd, system monitoring can detect mastitis at an early stage. Treatment undertaken immediately after the detection of the symptoms of the disease can not only cure the animals as soon as possible, but also preserves the quality of milk which leads to significant savings spent on antibiotics. In other words, we offer dairy farms that are equipped with a suite of software that allows you to computerize the entire process of a herd.

The proposed system includes the following programs:

  • Managing a dairy farm. Full management of the dairy farm;
  • Health management. Monitoring the health of each animal and the quality of milk during milking;
  • Management of reproduction;
  • Daily monitoring of the weight of the animals;
  • The program automatically herd management
    Controls automatic gates separating livestock and milking animals guides, veterinary care, etc.

Our recommendations take into account all aspects of the profitability of the project, from planning and feasibility studies to designing, building farms, recruiting and training staff to manage the farm or complex.

In our projects we use innovative equipment and the latest israeli technology providing high quality and efficiency to the farm, while maintaining sanitary and hygenic requirements.